Lings Norfolk Triumph - Proud to Partner Norfolk Blood Bikes

Norfolk Triumph is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Norfolk Blood Bikes, a vital volunteer-run charity providing urgent transportation of blood, plasma, documents, and other medical essentials to hospitals across the region. As part of this collaboration, Norfolk Triumph has proudly supplied and are maintaining four new Triumph Tiger 1200 GT Pro motorcycles for their fleet.

“The work done by Norfolk Blood Bikes is an essential lifeline for our community" said Scott Lock, Brand Manager at Lings Norfolk Triumph.

"We’re honoured to support their incredible mission by supplying these equipped and reliable motorcycles. The Tiger 1200 GT Pro, with its blend of performance and comfort, is perfectly suited to the demands of their urgent service.”

Norfolk Blood Bikes volunteers operate 24/7, 365 days a year, saving the NHS significant costs while ensuring critical medical supplies reach their destination swiftly. The addition of Triumph's top-of-the-line adventure bikes will enhance the charity's capabilities, allowing them to respond to even more emergencies.

“The challenging nature of the work our volunteers undertake mean the assets we use have to be uniquely suited to the needs of the riders and the precious cargo we carry as pillion.” said Sandy Gourlay, Chair of Norfolk Blood Bikes.

“We are delighted to be working with the full support of a trusted Norfolk business alongside an iconic British brand. With this this new collaboration we can see a long and sustainable future for our fleet and the service our volunteers provide to our NHS and Air Ambulance heroes.”

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About Norfolk Blood Bikes

Every night and on weekends and Bank Holidays during the day, Norfolk Blood Bikes tirelessly transports blood, plasma, platelets, samples, vaccines, and other urgently needed medical supplies to hospitals in Norfolk. Additionally, they facilitate the delivery of blood to the East Anglian Air Ambulance, enabling them to expand their life-saving capabilities.

Equipped with a dedicated fleet of fully marked vehicles, they brave all weather conditions to fulfill their mission. While adhering to a fixed operational schedule, they readily take on daytime tasks when requested. Most notably, they handle Donor Breast Milk (DBM) deliveries during the day, freeing up resources and volunteers for urgent assignments during their duty cycles.

A significant portion of their members consists of retirees or part-time workers, although many maintain full-time jobs. Irrespective of their employment status, these dedicated individuals consistently volunteer their spare time to support and sustain the charity. The Trustees, Committee members, and Volunteers selflessly devote their time without compensation, occasionally claiming out-of-pocket expenses, but often foregoing them. Hailing from diverse backgrounds, they share a common goal: delivering a service that bolsters the NHS and makes a meaningful impact on healthcare organizations across Norfolk.

During nighttime hours, as well as on weekends and Bank Holidays during the day, the NHS lacks internal resources to address unforeseen transportation needs for vital samples and blood products. These requirements are frequently urgent. In the absence of this internal capability, hospitals would resort to costly alternatives such as taxis, courier services, or reassigning ambulances.

By estimating an average cost of £65 per task, it is evident that Norfolk Blood Bikes has saved the NHS a substantial sum over its operational history. These savings can then be redirected towards funding more pertinent frontline patient care. Norfolk Blood Bikes operates entirely on donations, receiving no government funding, and incurs no cost to the NHS. They rely entirely on the generosity of donors to sustain their critical services.

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