Triumph Finance Options & PCP Deals

You just want to ride, not faff around with loads of over complicated finance deals, we've got you covered with two financing choices to get you on your way.

We've streamlined the process by offering two clear-cut options, ensuring simplicity for you. These financing alternatives are accessible through Triumph TriStar, in collaboration with esteemed financial specialists, Black Horse Limited. You have the flexibility to finance either the entire cost or a portion of your upcoming new or pre-owned Triumph, encompassing any additional bolt-on accessories you may have included.

Feel free to explore these options or inquire for more details the next time you engage with our Sales Team. 


Riders love control, and if you are looking for lower monthly payments you could consider our Tristar PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) product, which allows you to hand your bike back at the end of the term.

Once you’ve found your dream bike. Decide on a deposit, term and how many miles you’ll ride a year. Your monthly repayments will be calculated along with the Optional Final Repayment.

You have the option of taking the finance over two to four years to suit your budget.

Once you’ve arranged the finance with your Triumph dealer and checked the finance documentation, you sign on the dotted line and ride away.

The monthly repayments are lower than a HP agreement as a proportion of the amount to repay is deferred into the Optional Final Repayment. You will pay more interest on a PCP agreement than a HP agreement for the same loan amount, term and APR as your balance reduces more slowly due to the optional final repayment.


You will be given a guaranteed future value for the bike at the time of purchase, so at the end of the agreement, you have three options:​

How does PCP actually work?​


When you have chosen your vehicle, you will then agree your annual mileage and decide on the agreement term with one of our Business Managers.

We will then determine the Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV) of the vehicle at the end of the agreement and work out a deposit and monthly amount that works for you.

At the end of your agreement you will then have three options:

Return – Simply return the bike the back to us 
Retain – Keep the bike by paying the optional final payment
Renew – Trade it in for another bike

For a quotation, help, or advice contact us and ask to speak to one of our Business Managers.

What are the advantages of PCP?

  • Monthly payments on a bike financed by PCP are usually lower than if your bike is financed by a Hire Purchase agreement.
  • If you decide not to buy the bike, you can simply walk away when you've made all the payments.
  • Similar to PCH, you can drive away a new or used bike every few years (dependent on the chosen term) without worrying about selling it on.
  • If your bike is worth more than the Guaranteed Future Value then you can use that equity towards a deposit on a new bike.

What should you consider when option for a PCP?

  • If you want to buy the bike you will need to pay your final balloon payment (the Guaranteed Future Value).
  • Similar to PCH, you will need to agree on a mileage allowance at the beginning of your contract and there may be excess mileage charges if you exceed this.
  • You won’t be able to sell the bike without settling the finance.
  • You won’t own the bike until you have made all of your repayments.
  • You’ll need to keep the bike properly insured, maintained and in your possession until the full value is paid off.

Can I settle my PCP agreement early?


You can normally settle your agreement early by asking the finance company to provide you with a settlement figure. However, the finance company will require you to pay off the difference between what your bike is worth, and what you still owe and there may be a difference which is known as negative equity. On the other hand, you may find that at the end of your term your bike is worth more than the Guaranteed Future Value, which means you will have some positive equity to contribute towards your next bike.


Hire purchase deals are designed to help you spread the cost of purchasing a brand new Triumph motorcycle. When the final repayment has been made, the motorcycle is all yours.

With Triumph Tristar Hire Purchase, you can: Pay an initial deposit, ride away and make regular monthly payments. After the last payment, the bike’s all yours.

Choose any new or used Triumph that's up to ten years old and decide how long you want to make regular payments, between one and five years**.

Credit is available subject to status for UK residents aged 18 and over.

*New credit agreements are subject to status.

Credit is subject to status, UK residents aged 18+. Triumph TriStar is a trading style of Black Horse Ltd, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH.

Triumph Motorcycles Ltd is a credit broker and not a lender. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd introduces you to a dealer which acts as a credit broker in its own right. That dealer may go on to introduce you to Black Horse Ltd as lender. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd will receive a payment as result of these introductions. This will be a percentage of advance. This means the more you borrow, the more commission we receive. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd will also receive a payment from Black Horse Ltd to help with the cost of promoting its products. The payments will be the same, no matter what interest rate that you pay.

With TriStar Personal Contract Purchase you have the option at the end of the agreement to:
(1) Return the motorcycle and not pay the Optional Final Repayment. If the motorcycle is in good condition (fair wear and tear accepted) and has not exceeded the maximum agreed mileage you will have nothing further to pay. If the motorcycle has exceeded the maximum agreed mileage a charge of 7.2p (including VAT at 20%) will apply per excess mile. (2) Pay the Optional Final Repayment to own the motorcycle or (3) Part exchange the motorcycle subject to settlement of your existing finance

Quotes are indicative and may be subject to change. Quotes are not an offer of credit. Please ensure you can afford the monthly repayments before entering into a finance agreement.

**The oldest your Triumph can be at the end of your agreement is 14 years for HP and 6.5 years for PCP.

What are the advantages of HP?

  • You’ll be able to drive away a bike that you may not have managed to buy outright.
  • Unlike a PCP or PCH contract, you won't need to estimate your mileage at the start of your Hire Purchase agreement, so you'll avoid excess mileage charges.
  • Once you’ve made your final monthly payment, including the option to purchase fee, you'll have full ownership of the bike.

What should you consider when opting for HP?

  • Monthly payments may be higher than some other finance options, such as PCP, as you're paying off the full value of the bike.
  • You won’t be able to sell the bike without settling the finance.
  • You won’t own the bike until you have made all of your repayments.
  • You’ll need to keep the bike properly insured, maintained and in your possession until the full value is paid off.

Can I settle my HP agreement early?


The short answer is yes, you can end your finance early. There are different provisions within each finance agreement that allows you to do just that. If you have got through two-thirds of the way through your finance agreement, the options to end the finance agreement early open up.

For a Hire Purchase agreement, there is an option of paying it off early through a settlement fee. A settlement fee covers the cost of any remaining unpaid instalments and interest payments remaining on the agreement. Once the settlement fee is paid, you take full ownership of the bike early.

Under a Personal Contract Purchase agreement, you can also pay a settlement fee for bringing the agreement to an end early. After that, you can choose to hand the bike back or you have a second option. Through a PCP agreement, you can take full ownership of the bike by paying off the remaining Guaranteed Minimum Future Value also known as a balloon payment.