Triumph Motorcycles introduces the new Tiger 900 range, setting higher standards for middleweight adventure bikes. The lineup comprises the Tiger 900 GT, GT Pro, and Rally Pro, each delivering significant improvements in power, torque, and comfort.

  • New Tiger 900 range delivers more performance, more capability, more all-day comfort, and more attitude
  • Significant engine upgrade delivering 13% more power, higher peak torque of 90Nm and 9% better fuel economy
  • All-new active safety features and new 7” TFT instruments providing more capability
  • New rider seat and damped handlebar mounting system to provide more long-distance comfort

The NEW Tiger 900 models will be arriving in Lings Triumph dealerships from early 2024, call 0800 368 8845 or register your interest below.


The updated three-cylinder engine in the Tiger 900 boasts a 13% power increase, now producing 108PS peak power and 90Nm peak torque. The engine enhancements also enhance fuel economy and provide better performance across the rev range.

The 2024 models feature new safety features, including improved braking, an emergency deceleration warning system, and prominent marker lights for night visibility. They also come equipped with a 7” TFT display, USB-C charger, and My Triumph Bluetooth connectivity.

The new rider seat design offers increased comfort and adjustability, with heated seats available on the Pro models. A damped handlebar mounting system enhances ride comfort, and the Rally Pro benefits from an improved handlebar position.

The 2024 Tiger 900 range features updated bodywork, dynamic paint schemes, and graphics, giving the bikes a more aggressive, adventure-focused appearance.

Customers can choose from a wide selection of accessories, including an Akrapovič silencer and four accessory packs: Performance, Protection, Trekker, and Expedition.

The Tiger 900 range maintains its class-leading specifications, including cornering ABS and traction control, multiple riding modes, LED lighting, Triumph Shift Assist (GT Pro and Rally Pro), heated grips and seats (GT Pro and Rally Pro), illuminated switches, and a tyre pressure monitoring system (GT Pro and Rally Pro). Additionally, Brembo Stylema® Monobloc brakes are standard.

Unique to Triumph, the T-plane crank engine with its 1,3,2 firing order and distinctive, raspy triple exhaust bark, has been further developed for the new Tiger 900 range.

Engine revisions have resulted in a power increase of 13% taking the Tiger 900 from 95PS to an impressive 108PS. This has been achieved while gaining more torque and tractability at low RPM. The increased power can be felt throughout the rev-range, with a more muscular mid-range and improved acceleration.

On the road the new Tiger 900 is agile and easy to ride at low speeds, but with plenty of performance for rapid bursts of acceleration and effortless high-speed touring. In more technical off-road situations, the fine throttle control is intuitive and confidence-inspiring

Each model benefits from a specific suspension set-up, designed to meet the needs of the rider for each model.

The GT is fitted with high-quality Marzocchi™ suspension with adjustable compression and rebound damping. With 180mm of fork travel and 170mm of rear wheel travel, the set-up has been tuned specifically for the GT to deliver excellent road handling and long-ride comfort with the capability to tackle off-road terrain.

The GT Pro also uses Marzocchi™ suspension. Adjustable forks are matched to an electronically adjustable rear suspension unit — this allows for easy and convenient preload adjustments at the touch of a button to suit riders travelling solo, with a pillion or fully loaded.

The Rally Pro uses Showa™ suspension, offering riders adjustability and a generous 240mm front and 230mm rear wheel travel. This high-quality progressive suspension set-up provides capability and versatility on all roads.

Complementing this specific suspension, the road-focused GT and GT Pro have lightweight cast alloy wheels, 19” at the front and 17” at the rear, for the perfect balance between road handling and off-road capability. The Rally Pro uses tubeless spoked wheels with a 21” front for pure off-road performance and features a broad tyre choice.

Best in class Brembo Stylema™ brake calipers are fitted to all three new Tiger 900 models, ensuring effective stopping power and a sensitive lever feel that helps to keep braking powerful, smooth and controlled.

The new Tiger 900 for 2024 features new active safety features to improve visibility on the road, including a new emergency deceleration warning system, which activates the hazard lights when braking rapidly and automatically deactivates when you pull away. In addition, new marker lights provide a prominent silhouette especially at night and in poor visibility.

Optimised cornering ABS and Traction Control comes as standard across all three Tiger 900 models. Together with the ride-by-wire throttle, the level of assistance can be altered with four different standard riding modes — Road, Rain, Sport and Off-Road.

The GT Pro has five modes with the additional Rider Programmable mode allowing fine tuning to suit the rider’s preferences and riding style. The Rally Pro has six modes with the extra Off-Road Pro mode disabling ABS and traction control completely to allow the Tiger 900 Rally Pro’s capability to be fully utilised off road.

The new enhanced braking system automatically balances front and rear braking effort, working in harmony with the optimised cornering ABS system, to improve stability under hard braking while significantly reducing stopping distances.

Triumph’s Slip and Assist clutch system is fitted to all three Tiger 900 models, giving light clutch lever action to reduce rider fatigue, especially for congested urban riding conditions and for technical off-road riding. This system also improves rear wheel control under rapid deceleration, assisting with smooth and assured corner entry on a range of surfaces.

The Pro models are also equipped with the Triumph Shift Assist system. This allows clutch-less gear changes both up and down the gearbox for seamless acceleration and super-smooth deceleration.

The My Triumph Connectivity System is now standard on all Tiger 900 models. Music, phone and turn by turn navigation can all be accessed via the new intuitive and easy-to-read 7” TFT display which is bonded to the glass for a crisp, non-reflective image. Heated grips and seats plus a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) are also standard on both Pro models.

The seat has been redesigned for enhanced long-distance comfort whilst retaining the ease of movement for the rider to find their perfect ergonomic position. All models feature 20mm of adjustability, as well as heated seats for both Pro models, for optimum comfort in all weathers.

A new damped handlebar mounting system creates a more comfortable ride, while the handlebar position on the Rally Pro has been moved back by 15mm. This slight reduction in reach improves seated comfort while also improving rider control and bike agility in the standing position when riding off-road.

Even the shape of the 20-litre fuel tank has been carefully considered to provide the perfect seated riding position without compromising control when standing. An adjustable screen with five settings spanning 50mm, ensures all riders can enjoy excellent high-speed wind protection.

The aggressive Tiger styling and distinctive adventure-focused stance has been revised and sharpened. The new bodywork now has a cleaner, more integrated design that flows beautifully from the beak, through the cockpit and into the side panels.

Three striking new paint schemes and graphics are available for each model. The GT and GT Pro are available in Snowdonia White as standard, with two premium paint options, Graphite and Sapphire Black, and Carnival Red and Sapphire Black. The Rally Pro is available in Carbon Black and Sapphire Black, with the option to upgrade to the striking Ash Grey and Intense Orange or Matt Khaki Green and Matt Phantom Black.

Over 50 accessories and four accessory kits are available for the new Tiger 900 range. The fully loaded Performance accessory pack includes a brand new Akrapovič silencer, the first of a number of new exhaust systems developed in partnership. With a lightweight titanium design with carbon end caps, the new silencer delivers a 1kg weight saving and an even better sound. The pack also includes front and rear scrolling indicators with new marker light feature, and billet machined adventure footpegs.

The Protection Pack showcases key practical accessories, lower and upper engine bar kits, tank pad, sump guard, fork protectors, radiator guard and for off-road, a headlight guard kit. The Trekker and Expedition packs provide two distinct, tailored luggage options for extended touring or off-road adventures.

Triumph’s Chief Product Officer Steve Sargent said: “The Tiger 900 already has an excellent reputation as an award-winner and rally competitor, enjoying success against production motorcycles as well as purpose-built off-road machines. In fact, the Tiger 900 Rally Pro was used by World Enduro Champion Iván Cervantes, securing champion titles at the Baja Aragón Rally, 1000 Dunas Raid and Bassela Enduro in 2022.

“With such an impressive pedigree, we needed to set ourselves a high target to improve the new Tiger 900. We were focused on raising the game in the middleweight category all over again. As a result, we’ve delivered a significant step-up, with more performance, more capability, more all-day comfort, and an aggressive style and poise.”