Available for one year only, the new Stealth Editions are an exclusive collection of eight beautiful Bonnevilles.

The eight Triumph Stealth Editions include the Bonneville Speedmaster in red, the stripped-back Bobber in purple, the T100 and T120 in a striking blue, the popular Speed Twin 1200 in red and the agile Speed Twin 900 in green, the Scrambler 900 in an eye-catching orange, and finally, the moody T120 Black features a sophisticated matt silver finish.

The NEW Stealth Edition Bonneville models will be arriving in Lings Triumph dealerships from February 2024, call 0800 368 8845 or register your interest below.


Bonneville Speedmaster

A stunning and beautiful reimagination of Triumph’s British custom classic icon, the Stealth Edition has an intense new red design that amplifies the Speedmaster’s attitude and confidence in the sunlight.

From £13,795.00 OTR

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Bonneville Bobber

The world-famous Bonneville Bobber has a stripped back, custom style that is born to become a Stealth Edition, exposing a deep, vibrant purple colour that catches the eye.

From £13,795.00 OTR

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Bonneville T100

Accessible, easy handling, and with thrilling Bonneville performance, the Bonneville T100 Blue Stealth Edition is available for one year only.

From £10,195.00 OTR

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Bonneville T120

The Bonneville T120 is one of the most distinctive motorcycles in the world, and with this vibrant blue finish it adds contemporary custom style to a true Modern Classic.

From £12,595.00 OTR

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Bonneville T120 Black

The Bonneville T120 Black Stealth Edition features a different finish to the rest of the collection – a beautiful silver matt finish that adds to its stand out appeal.

From £12,595.00 OTR

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Bonneville Speed Twin 1200

The timeless Bonneville DNA of the classic Speed Twin 1200 is the perfect match for this peerless paint finish, rewarding closer inspection with a vivid candy red that gleams in the light.

From £12,595.00 OTR

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Bonneville Speed Twin 900

This Triumph Stealth Edition model stands out with a rich, deep green tank design, reminiscent of the iconic British racing green and makes the Speed Twin 900 a head turner.

From £9,395.00 OTR

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Bonneville Scrambler 900

Known for its custom style and rugged good looks, the Scrambler 900 now has an intriguing, deep orange glint in its eye for 2024.

From £10,395.00 OTR

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