Lings Hyundai Warranty

Hyundai Five Year Warranty at Lings

Every new Hyundai bought from a recognised Hyuindai network dealer comes complete wih a 5 Year, fully-transferable, Unlimited Mileage Warranty*, right across the range (excluding Light Commercial Vehicles and cars for taxi or private hire usage).

We also include five years roadside assistance, five years of annual vehicle healtchecks and a ten or twelve year anti perforation warranty. You can drive your Hyundai with the peace of mind that, should you need us, we've got you covered.

Your 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty Includes...

Truly Unlimited
Manufacturer-backed, unlimited mileage,
5 Year Warrantywhich protects
against manufacturing defect*
5 Years of Roadside Assistance
Covering perforation caused by
corrosion on any area of the
exhaust, except heat shield and
catalytic converter internal structures
5 Years of Annual Healthchecks
Annual Healtchchecks to make sure your
Hyundai is in tip top shape, ahead
of any
Anti Perforation Cover
A ten or twelve year Anti Perforation
Warranty against perforation of the bodywork
from the inside of the panel outwards***

* Vehicles used for taxi or Private hire uses are covered by a five year, 100,000 mile waranty. Warranty cover excludes fair wear and tear. ** The Five Year Unlimited Warranty and its associated features is not available on passenger cars used for hire, reward or commercial use. Refer to sections below for full warranty terms and exclusions. ***Dependent on model and model year.

Customer means an individual, company or any other entity purchasing (i) a new Hyundai vehicle from the authorised Hyundai network in Europe not for the purpose of reselling or, (ii) a Hyundai vehicle that has been originally purchased from the authorised Hyundai network in Europe by an individual, company or any other entity not for the purpose or reselling.

Europe means European Economic Area and Switzerland.

Light Commercial Vehicles

Hyundai light commercial vehicles are manufactured using the latest materials and engineering technology. To demonstrate our confidence in our product, we offer a five year, 100,000 mile warranty on all Hyundai light commercial vehicles.

The key components of the warranty are as follows:

Definition of Warranty

For new vehicles supplied by Hyundai Motor UK Ltd, and originally purchased by an end Customer from the authorised Hyundai network in Europe, Hyundai Motor Company warrants the vehicle, from the date of first registration, against manufacturing defects, subject to the conditions outlined on the Limited Coverage page, for a period of five years unlimited mileage on passenger cars or 100,000 miles for Light Commercial Vehicles. The warranty also comprises our Roadside Assistance Programme. For more information, please refer to the Warranty Scope.

Please note: it is important that you familiarise yourself with the requirements regarding routine maintenance servicing and repairs in order to fully benefit from the above. Please refer to the Maintenance and Servicing page for more details.