ALL NEW Hyundai IONIQ 6 Introducing the ALL NEW Hyundai IONIQ 6 Starting From £46,745.00


Silhouette of the New Era.

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Discover IONIQ 6. The all-new, all-electric, four-door saloon from Hyundai.

Awaken your world

Every now and then, history has a way of stepping forward to help shape the future.

This is the case with the new Hyundai IONIQ 6. With its simple yet sensational styling, inspired by the streamliner movement of the 1920s and 30s, this is a car without parallel on the road. The perfect harmony of smart engineering, beautiful aesthetics, and innovative aerodynamics.

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IONIQ 6’s exterior features glass-like, transparent elements that reflect incoming light, giving it a unique aesthetic. Like the smooth surface of a stone from a river, the futuristic contours of IONIQ 6 are simple yet sensual.

Gracefully aerodynamic silhouette

The unique streamliner typology of IONIQ 6 is characterised by clean and simple lines and an aerodynamic design that we have dubbed Emotional Efficiency.

Distinctive low-profile tail

Designed for aerodynamic efficiency to maximise the electric driving range, the ducktail shape reinforces the downforce, and the slight boat-tail structure reduces drag.

Wing-inspired rear spoiler

The wing-inspired rear spoiler is shaped with glass-like, transparent materials that highlight its one-of-kind LED signature lighting.


The modular touchscreen dashboard integrates a 12-inch full-touch infotainment display and 12-inch digital cluster. A bridge-type centre console provides convenient and generous in-car storage. 

Mindful cocoon

Inspired by the Prophecy Concept EV, the dome-shaped cabin is designed to be comfortable and practical creating your own personal hideaway.

Front row relaxation seats

Get comfy with 8-way adjustable front seats. Lean all the back for a refreshing break while charging – at the push of a single button.

Interactive Pixel Lights

Interactive LED pixel lights on the steering wheel show you, among other things: drive mode, shift in reverse, voice recognition and EV recharging status.

Intelligent Front-lighting System (IFS)

Enjoy maximum vision without dazzling other drivers. The intelligent front-lighting system with matrix headlamps automatically adjusts the light projection in real time depending on the road conditions.

Digital Side Mirror(DSM) & DSM Integrated Dashboard

The optional digital side mirrors replace the traditional door mirrors with a camera and an interior monitor for better visibility and improved aerodynamics.

Innovative use of sustainable materials

Our designers have applied sustainable materials extensively throughout IONIQ 6. On the exterior this includes recycled pigment paint from end-of-life tires and bamboo charcoal pigment paint. The interior features eco-process leather, recycled PET fabric and recycled fishing net carpet as well as raw materials extracted from sugar cane.


The eco-leather featured throughout the top trims of IONIQ 6 utilises flaxseed in the dyeing process which will reduce water waste when compared to the traditional dyeing process.

Recycled ocean waste floormats

The floormats utilises nylon yarn made from recycled ocean waste fishing nets.

Recycled PET fabric

The seats in IONIQ 6 include eco-friendly fabric made with recycled PET plastic yarn.

Dashboard with bio-materials

The dashboard is covered in a soft skin PE plastic which contains bio-materials extracted from natural sugar cane

Bio PET fabric

The headlining includes fabric made with bio PET yarn, which contains ingredients extracted from sugar cane.

IONIQ 6 First Edition From £54,995 OTR
Enjoy a wide range of flexible charging options Charge at home overnight or top up at a fast charging station on the road in just minutes. Depending on your grid connection at home or the type of charging station you have access to, the IONIQ 6 gives you a range of flexible charging possibilities. Equipped with an innovative 800V battery system for some of the fastest charging times possible today, it is also compatible for 400V charging and AC charging.
The future of electric mobility is here Featuring breath-taking design and driving dynamics, as well as an 800V charging technology, this ground-breaking sedan delivers thrilling performance – built on a cutting-edge new platform that is nothing less than a technological milestone in this era of EV expansion.