EV & Hybrid at Lings Hyundai

Hyundai deliver an exciting range of new hybrid and electric technology, designed to look sleek, deliver a high level of technology both in the cabin and inside the car itself.

It's everything you expect from a conventional car, but with all the environmental and economic benefits that come with electrified driving. Our range of Hybrid and Electric vehicles will mean there's one to match your busy lifestyle.

  • Kona Hybrid
  • IONIQ Electric
  • IONIA Plug-in/Hybrid
  • Kona EV

Configure the electrified vehicle best suited to your lifestyle, check out our options below.

Hybrid VS Electric - Which one suits my lifestyle the best?

Maybe you're experienced within the world of hybrid and electric vehicles, maybe this is your first one. Let us help guide you through the different options, to best suit your lifestyle.

The KONA Hybrid

Power, fun and efficiency. The 3 words used to describe the stunning new KONA Hybrid. Known for its agile steering and excellent handling to dial up the fun factor, it remains a delight for all those sat in the drivers seat as it travels further than you’d expect on a single tank.

Whether you're used to a hybrid vehicle or not, the KONA is a fantastic place to start.

From the KONA's powerful alloy wheel designs to the minimalistic headlights, this car is a hybrid more than just its powertrain. It links a small family hatchback functionality with a vibrant SUV style. With a wide variety of exterior colours, you can make this hybrid a member of your family.

Some of the KONA's features:

  • Head up display (HUD)
  • Apple CarPlay / Android Auto
  • Touch screen display
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Digital information cluster

Kona Hybrid Brochure

The IONIQ Electric

The first car in the world to feature three electrified powertrains.

It’s not only the outside of the IONIQ Hybrid which is efficient. Inside, lightweight materials have been specially selected to reduce weight.

The compact electric motor works with the petrol engine to improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions. They also combine to maximise acceleration when required.

Safety? We've got you covered

The new Hyundai IONIQ maintains its maximum rating of five stars from the independent Euro NCAP for crash safety. Roads may change, but your vehicle should be stable in any situation. Our focus isn't speed or showiness, but safety, stability and the wellbeing of all occupants.

It's electric acceleration means the maximum torque of the electric motor is available from start-up, resulting in impressive acceleration especially at low speeds.

For more information, give us a call on 01502 537444 or download a brochure by clicking the button below.

IONIQ Electric Brochure

The IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid

It's striking exterior in an aerodynamic form that improves every aspect of efficiency. Iconic for its recognisable, sleek but futuristic exterior the plug-in hybrid is packed full of advance technology accessible from your drivers seat and the mechanics within the realms of the engine.

Not only is the IONIQ built around an efficient exterior, inside the cabin, lightweight materials have been specially selected to reduce weight. SE Connect, Premium and 1st Edition models feature a cloth seat trim, while Premium SE offer leather seat.

The petrol engine, electric motor, Lithium-ion polymer battery and dual clutch transmission are engineered to function together with optimal efficiency.

Some of the IONIQ's features:

  • Bluelink Connectivity Services
  • 5 year FREE subscription to Hyundai LIVE Services
  • Normal and SPORT drive modes
  • Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT)

For more information, give us a call on 01502 537444 or download a brochure below.

IONIQ Plug-in Brochure

The Kona EV

One of the latest players to enter the world of electrified travelling, the Kona EV has hit the market with its astonishing 278 mile range; it's here to turn heads and change the way you look at economical driving.

With the 64 kWh battery, you're able to enjoy up to 278 mile range from the Kona EV. Inside the cabin it's filled with lots of tech right at your fingertips, including a touch screen entertainment system, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto are also part of the technology package.

The Kona EV has been named a Which? Best Buy

For more information on this model, please give our team a call on

01502 537444 or download a brochure below.

Kona EV Brochure