Electrify your Driving Experience

We spoke to General Manager, Teresa Brown, about her experience with the brilliant Kona Electric.

Blog: 02/07/2020 - Teresa Brown (General Manager)

One of the privileges of being a General Manager is you can choose which car you would like to drive. And whilst I think most would choose a large expensive vehicle or a sports model, I prefer a bit of simple fun with easy driving.

The Kona electric is just that. The driving experienced is not compromised by the new fuel type in any way. The car is very responsive and the electric motor offers a smooth driving experience.

I’m constantly learning about the huge amounts of technology the car has. The Datalink app enables me to monitor the cars charging from my phone and control the vehicles heating system enabling me to warm the car up before I get in it. I got excited when front heated windscreens were invented, now I can defrost the car from indoors on my phone. How cool is that? The connectivity also means the Sat Nav system has traffic and speed camera information added.

Apple car play or Android Auto along with wireless charging are all present.

Heated seats and steering wheel, Auto lights and wipers, Rear camera and parking sensors, Blind spot warnings, Lane assist, I could go on and on.

The game changer for me though is the electric. No more going to fuel stations and coming away smelling like an old diesel tank, or driving miles out of my way to top up with fuel. The process to plug in to the charging pod is simple, clean and convenient.

This weekend I am visiting my family in Northampton 108 miles away. It should be well within the 250 miles range, but I will plug in the car with the 3 pin lead whilst I am there to ensure I have sufficient range to comfortably make it home.

If you are wondering what it is all about, give us a call and take it out for a drive for an hour or so. We would love you to experience it - You will not be disappointed.


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