Husqvarna TC85 17/14 2022 Introducing the Husqvarna TC85 17/14 2022 Starting From £5,649.00
Husqvarna TC85 17/14 2022

Husqvarna TC85 2022 SW


Setting the bar in the ultra-competitive 85 cc class, the TC 85 features much of the same technology found in the successful full-size Husqvarna motocross line-up. With a chromium molybdenum steel frame and state of the art WP suspension, young mini riders can focus on performance with total confidence. Featuring an engine that delivers a broad and controllable power delivery the TC 85 offers top-level performance and durability for the stars of tomorrow.

The TC85 is available in 2 model variants, the small wheel equipped with a 17" Front & 14" Rear wheel.

From £5,649.00

Husqvarna TC85 2022 SW White, Yellow and Blue


The TC 85 engine uses the latest technology to deliver unrivalled performance and rideability in the ultra-competitive 85 cc class. Key to the engine is a power valve, which allows the power delivery to be tailored simply and effectively. Additionally, the roller actuated throttle assembly delivers a smooth sensation when opening the throttle.

  • Roller actuated throttle assembly → smooth throttle motion and improved durability
  • Latest in 2-stroke technology


    The cylinder is designed around the power valve system. The system controls both the exhaust valve and the sub exhaust port for optimal power, torque and controllability. As a result, the TC 85 delivers class-leading mid-range performance reducing the need to use the clutch in loamy or sandy conditions.

    An adjuster screw allows the opening time of the power valve to be adjusted to suit rider preference and track conditions. By changing between different power valve springs - available in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessories catalogue - the rate at which the power valve opens can be further tailored.


    The crankcases are manufactured using a high-pressure die-cast production process that keeps wall thickness to a minimum while retaining strength and durability. The design of the cases is compact and aims at positioning the shaft arrangements as close as possible to the centre of gravity for optimal handling.


    The TC 85 features a compact and durable diaphragm spring clutch. The clutch is actuated via a Formula hydraulic system meaning that play is always adjusted, and the clutch point remains the same under different conditions and over time.

    Left front side of the Husqvarna TC85 2022 SW White, Yellow and Blue
    Left rear of the Husqvarna TC85 2022 SW White, Yellow and Blue


    The airbox is designed to offer the best possible performance with the highest level of filter protection. The air filter is easily accessed, without tools, by removing the left side panel. Easy maintenance is guaranteed by the Twin Air filter and filter cage design that features a simple fail-proof mounting system for safe and accurate filter installation.


    The radiators are designed using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to ensure the ideal passage of air through the cooling fins. Combined with an advanced routing of the coolant circuit, the system ensures optimum engine temperature for the highest performance in varying conditions. The radiator protectors not only serve as protection from flying rocks and debris but also serve as a brace diverting energy around the radiators in the event of an impact.


    Manufactured using a gravity die-cast production process, the one-piece aluminium swingarm offers exceptional strength at the lowest possible weight. For easy maintenance, the chain adjustment markings are visible from above, making adjustment simple.


    The exhaust system is perfectly tailored to the engine’s power characteristics, contributing to the outstanding performance and all-round rideability. The header pipe is made in a three-dimensional stamping process. Once the components are shaped they are robot welded to ensure the highest level of quality and durability.


    The professionally crafted chromium molybdenum steel frame is constructed using hydro formed tubes joined by precision robot welding to ensure the highest level of consistent quality. The frame employs a geometry aimed at tailoring flex characteristics for optimal handling and comfort. Together with the laterally-mounted cylinder head mountings the result is advanced torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness. This allows the frame to move in harmony with the suspension soaking up big hits while delivering optimal agility and high-speed stability.

    Additionally, the frame is fitted with “no dirt” footrests that prevent the build-up of dirt collected through deep ruts and muddy terrain. The simple but effective self-cleaning system ensures the footrests return to their original position providing complete control in all conditions.

    The frame is finished off in a highly durable blue powder coating with standard frame protectors.

  • Hydro formed and robot welded → highest level of consistent quality
  • Advanced flex characteristics → optimal torsional rigidity and longitudinal stiffness
  • “No dirt” footrests → complete control in all conditions


    Mirroring the latest technology found in the Husqvarna full-size motocross range, the TC 85 features the latest WP suspension technology. Up front, the WP XACT fork with AER technology consists of a 43 mm split fork design using a capsuled air spring in the left leg and the trusted oil damping system in the right leg. The components offer optimal suspension performance with 280 mm total wheel travel.

    Additionally, adjustment is made simple thanks to the single air pressure valve and supplied air pump for preload and easy access clickers for compression and rebound.

  • WP XACT 43 with AER technology → optimal performance and light weight
  • 280 mm front wheel travel
  • Simple adjustment → single air chamber and supplied pump, easy access clickers
  • On the rear, a specific version of the WP XACT PDS shock absorber is fitted to the TC 85. PDS meaning “Progressive Damping System” allows the rear end to stay stable over smaller bumps or rough terrain while also soaking up bigger hits with ease.

    The WP XACT PDS is fully adjustable for preload, compression and rebound. Wheel travel is 305mm in total.

  • WP XACT PDS → advanced damping under all loads
  • 305 mm rear wheel travel
  • Fully adjustable preload, compression and rebound damping


    Made from lightweight aluminium, the subframe features a short and compact profile contributing to mass centralisation and the overall light weight.

    Right front side of the Husqvarna TC85 2022 SW in White, Yellow and Blue



    • TRANSMISSION: 6-speed
    • STARTER: Kickstarter
    • STROKE: 48.95 mm
    • BORE: 47 mm
    • CLUTCH: Wet, multi-disc clutch, Formula hydraulics
    • DISPLACEMENT: 84.9 cm³
    • EMS: MEDJ digital
    • DESIGN: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine


    • WEIGHT (WITHOUT FUEL): 67 kg
    • TANK CAPACITY (APPROX.): 5.2 l
    • FRONT BRAKE: Disc brake
    • REAR BRAKE: Disc brake
    • CHAIN: 1/2 x 5/16"
    • FRAME DESIGN: Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
    • FRONT SUSPENSION: XACT 43 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 43 mm
    • GROUND CLEARANCE: 336 mm
    • SEAT HEIGHT: 1850 mm
      TC85 17/14 Starting from £5,249
      TC85 19/16 Starting from £5,249
      Young blood [The 85cc class bridges the gap between the junior ranks and full-sized motocross, taking emerging riders one step closer to the big leagues.