Heralding a massive leap forward for the KTM Naked range, the all-new KTM 990 DUKE takes aim directly at the coveted 1000 Naked bike segment, pulling no punches!

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the DUKE series in 2024, the brand-new KTM 990 DUKE seamlessly integrates into our lineup, like a finely tuned round in a chamber. In its pursuit of becoming the ultimate high-performance naked motorcycle, the KTM 990 DUKE excels in every mechanical aspect while introducing a radical new design.

The 2024 KTM 990 DUKE will be available from February 2024 for £12,999 OTR, call or register your interest below.


The KTM 990 DUKE leaves no room for doubt about its intentions. Beyond its extraordinarily powerful engine, it boasts a completely redesigned chassis and swingarm, updated ergonomics, and advanced technology. This model steps up to compete with larger-capacity motorcycles, both in terms of engine displacement and overall proportions.

The new design profile draws inspiration from a freeze-frame of an explosion, capturing the essence of unleashed energy. This design is complemented by two color options: Black and Electric Orange, the latter paying homage to the Naked models of a bygone era, specially designed to celebrate the 30-year legacy of the DUKE.

The KTM 990 DUKE exhibits a combination of predatory design and streamlined aesthetics, highlighted by its evolved LED headlight. Crafted from carefully selected materials, this innovative headlight ensures optimal visibility in all road conditions. Position and daytime running lights are integrated into the headlight profile, automatically adjusting intensity based on ambient light conditions thanks to a built-in light sensor on the dashboard.

Furthermore, the KTM 990 DUKE comes equipped with a standard Coming Home light function, allowing the headlight to remain illuminated briefly after the ignition is turned off, providing additional visibility for opening doors or navigating in dimly lit areas.

Powering this remarkable machine is a substantially enhanced version of the LC8c engine, previously featured in the KTM 890 DUKE R. With its 947cc capacity, this engine now delivers a formidable 123 HP and 103 Nm of torque, thanks to new pistons, crankshaft, and conrod. All this power is packed into a lightweight motorcycle weighing only 179 kg, ready to conquer the roads.

The KTM 990 DUKE inherits its DNA from the prestigious DUKE lineage, offering even more vitality and aggression for 2024. It's fundamentally a performance-driven motorcycle, designed around a nimble, lightweight chassis that instills unwavering rider confidence.

True to DUKE tradition, a rigid trellis frame and a novel closed-lattice swingarm come together to embrace top-tier adjustable WP APEX Suspension components. These, combined with track-proven Bridgestone S22 tires, ensure precise and stable cornering capabilities.

The WP APEX Suspension on the KTM 990 DUKE boasts user-friendly adjustments, encouraging riders to explore their limits comfortably. The 43 mm WP APEX Suspension at the front and the WP APEX Monotube shock absorber at the rear can be finely tuned, making it a breeze to customize the ride for your preferences.

Once seated on the KTM 990 DUKE, riders are greeted by a 5-inch anti-scratch bonded glass dashboard, providing comprehensive information at the pilot's fingertips. The revised graphics and menu structure offer quicker and more intuitive access to various features, including a new Lean Angle data display and an optional TRACK Mode featuring a lap timer and telemetry statistics. Additionally, a USB-C connection is included for device charging.

In summary, our goal was straightforward: create the ultimate mid-class naked motorcycle. With the 2024 KTM 990 DUKE, we've hit the bullseye.

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