Hyundai Scrappage and Emission Reduction Scheme

We’re taking older less efficient cars off the road while making a new Hyundai even more affordable. If you own a car which was registered before 1st July 2012, you could trade it in and save between £650 and £3,000 off a new Hyundai*. Including £3,000 off our innovative IONIQ Hybrid model.

How does it work?

Your car will be eligible if it was registered before 1st July 2012 and you have owned it for more than 90 days. The most polluting cars, those with Euro 1-3 emissions standard, will be scrapped and completely removed from UK roads, those that are Euro 4-5 can be traded in.

The table below shows all of the savings available on Hyundai vehicles. Once you’ve chosen your Hyundai, contact us and we will take you through the rest of the process.

Is the scheme only available for old diesel cars?

No, you can trade in petrol as well as diesel cars.

When does the scheme end?

The savings in the table below are based on an end date of 31st December 2021. Any new Hyundai car must be registered by this date.

Can I buy the car on Finance?

We have a range of finance offers available for eligible customers. Please contact us below or call 01502 537444 for more information.

Hyundai Savings

Model Derivatives Scrappage Saving
i10 All Models £850.00
i20 All Models except i20 Element £1,850.00
i20N i20N Only £750.00
Bayon All Models £1,500.00
i30 All Models £2,400.00
i30N i30N Only £2,500.00
KONA 48V Mild Hybrid and Hybrid models only
KONA Electric Electric models only
KONA N Kona N Only £2,500.00
Tucson All Models
IONIQ Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models only
IONIQ Electric models only £1,250.00
IONIQ 5 All Models
SANTA FE Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid models only £2,500.00