Two brand new UK championships for Honda CRF250R riders

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Next year in Britain, there will be two exclusive championship events tailored specifically for riders of Honda CRF250R motorcycles. At the conclusion of each season, four brand-new bikes will be awarded to fortunate winners.

Inspired by the remarkable success of the one-make Honda CRF150R Cup designed for youth riders within the European championship, the forthcoming CRF250R Cup championships in the UK will cater to adult riders competing at the amateur and clubmen levels.

One of these series will be integrated into the newly revamped MX Nationals events, now known as the Fastest 40 British Motocross Championship. These events will dedicate Sundays to clubmen riders and feature three Honda CRF250R Cup races per event.

Concurrently, the other championship will be independently organized by the AMCA as part of its UK championships. Competitors will have the freedom to choose which series they wish to participate in, provided they possess an eligible Honda CRF250R model from the 2021 model year onwards, originally procured from a UK dealership.

Upon the conclusion of each series, the champions will be rewarded with a brand-new Honda CRF250R motorcycle. Additionally, both championships will acknowledge another deserving rider who exemplifies not only exceptional riding skill but also demonstrates unwavering determination, dedication, sportsmanship, active presence on social media, and other admirable qualities throughout the season. These two prestigious Power of Dreams Awards will honor the unsung heroes of the racing paddock.

Given the immense popularity of the remarkable Honda CRF250R among amateur riders, those aspiring to participate in the AMCA Honda CRF250R Cup championship must first qualify through their regular AMCA regional race events.

In addition to their regular race classes, AMCA Honda CRF250R riders will have a separate scoring system, with points being allocated accordingly. Subsequently, the top five or six CRF250R riders in each region will receive invitations to compete in the eight-round AMCA championship within the dedicated Honda CRF250R Cup category.

At each championship round, a distinctive red Fly Helmet will be bestowed upon the rider who showcases outstanding dedication and performance, and they will proudly wear it throughout the remainder of the season.

While the series is open to any rider possessing a UK-supplied Honda CRF250R model from 2021 onwards, purchasers of new bikes from authorized UK Honda dealerships will enjoy the benefits of a complimentary Race Pack. This package includes a set of Honda CRF-branded Fly racing gear, a holeshot device, and a care package courtesy of Motul Oils.

Furthermore, buyers of new CRF250R motorcycles will automatically gain access to a Fly Off-Road training day, where they will receive free coaching from none other than the reigning British MX1 champion, Conrad Mewse, and the triple world 500 champion, Dave Thorpe.

As part of the pre-season preparations, there will be live webinars led by Dave Thorpe, offering valuable insights and tips on a wide range of topics, including fitness, nutrition, race strategies, and the winning mindset.