Hot on the heels of GASGAS’ full-size dirt bike launch, we’re back with two awesome new 2-stroke mini bikes for 2024 – the MC 50 and MC 65. Our latest generation models, which are pretty much all new, will certainly spice things up for every youth rider out there. Headlining a massive list of exciting updates for both bikes are the adjustable ergonomics, as well as vibrant new bodywork, new motors, and new frames. Almost everything about each model has been improved to take the riding experience to the next level. Without doubt, they’re the hottest dirt bikes kids will ever need!

  • GASGAS’ all-new generation MC 50 and MC 65 offer next-level performance
  • Adjustable ergonomics allow each bike to be adapted as riders grow
  • Check them out at Lings from October 2023

Knowing kids grow fast, sometimes a little too fast, our engineers have made the MC 50 and MC 65 adjustable in size! This means youngsters can keep riding a familiar bike and really get the most out of it before jumping up to a bigger model. Plus, as both bikes are built in the same way as our full-size models with plenty of quality components, you just know that these little rippers are the real deal.

The MC 50 boasts a new motor that enhances power distribution for a smoother ride. Its classic GASGAS styling, inherited from the full-size range, makes it a visually appealing dirt bike. The bike's overall performance and handling are significantly improved, thanks to various updates, including a new ignition, cylinder head, exhaust, frame, and rear WP shock.

Key Features of MC 50:

  1. Adjustable Ergonomics: The MC 50 introduces child-specific ergonomics with adjustable bodywork, shock, and subframe, offering two seat height options (634mm or 682mm) to accommodate riders as they grow.
  2. New Bodywork: The bike features scaled-down, all-red bodywork for a cohesive look.
  3. Upgraded Motor: The 49.9cc motor delivers a broader power range, maintaining high revs and power.
  4. Reinforced Frame: The frame design mirrors larger models, providing strength, improved handling, and increased stability. A relocated shock mounting reduces frame stress.
  5. Polyamide Reinforced Steel Subframe: A strong, lightweight, and height-adjustable subframe with two positions for growing riders.
  6. Redesigned Cylinder Head: Simplified maintenance with two-part inserts.
  7. Enhanced Ignition: The digital ignition system boosts power and durability.
  8. Improved Clutch: A reinforced basket and multi-disk clutch pack offer durability and smooth power delivery.
  9. Single Radiator: A single, larger radiator simplifies hose routing and improves cooling.
  10. Enhanced Exhaust: Smooth welds on the inside result in noticeable power gains throughout the rev range.
  11. New Rear Suspension: The shorter rear shock balances the chassis and complements the WP XACT front forks.
  12. Upgraded Footpegs: New design for better grip, mud prevention, and reduced catching on ruts.
  13. Modern Handlebars and Grips: Superb bar bend for improved body position and technique, with ODI grips for comfort.
  14. Hour Meter: Included for tracking routine maintenance schedules.

In summary, the MC 50 incorporates several enhancements, from the motor and frame to ergonomics and aesthetics, making it an impressive 2-stroke dirt bike suitable for a wide range of riders.​

The MC 65 is the next step for young riders progressing from the MC 50. Designed for those using a clutch and transmission for the first time, this bike offers user-friendly components, versatile ergonomics, a powerful engine, and a well-balanced chassis for a thrilling and fun riding experience.

Key Features of MC 65:

  1. Adjustable Ergonomics: Child-specific ergonomics with two seat height options (715mm or 760mm) for extended use as riders grow and develop skills.
  2. New Bodywork: Scaled-down all-red bodywork for a unified appearance.
  3. Powerful Motor: The 2-stroke engine offers increased power and performance.
  4. Sturdy Frame: Replicates the design of larger models, providing strength, improved handling, and stability. A redesigned shock position enhances rideability and allows for tighter cornering.
  5. Polyamide Reinforced Steel Subframe: Strong, lightweight, and adjustable to accommodate growing riders, contributing to overall bike handling.
  6. Redesigned Cylinder Head: Simplified maintenance with two-part inserts.
  7. Enhanced Ignition: A digital ignition system increases power and durability.
  8. Durable Clutch: Features a steel basket and a self-adjusting diaphragm spring clutch for consistent performance.
  9. Dual Radiators: Two Pankl radiators, similar to those on full-size bikes, maintain optimal cooling for power and motor durability.
  10. Improved Exhaust: Smoothed internal welds result in enhanced power throughout the rev range.
  11. Upgraded WP XACT Rear Suspension: Shorter rear shock (253.5mm of travel) balances the chassis, perfectly complementing the front forks.
  12. Enhanced Footpegs: A new design prevents mud buildup and catching on ruts, improving grip.
  13. Redesigned Shift Lever: Ensures precise shifting in all conditions and prevents mud buildup.
  14. Quick Kickstart: Easily starts the bike with a quick prod.
  15. Modern Handlebars and Grips: Improved bar design enhances body position and technique, while ODI grips offer comfort.
  16. Hour Meter: Helps with routine maintenance scheduling.

The MC 65 is set to be available in October, alongside the MC 50, with GASGAS' 2024 motocross models appearing in dealerships worldwide in the coming months.