GasGas MC65 2024 Introducing the GasGas MC65 2024 GET ON THE GAS.

GASGAS MC65 2024


Where pure motocross riding really starts! For 2024, the MC 65 this has received a whole host of exciting updates including a new motor, bodywork, clutch, exhaust, frame, and transmission, all helping take the on-track experience to a whole new level. This little red racer is a fully fledged, 6-speed dirt bike designed to give all future superstars a competitive edge. Retaining a few race-tested components such as the WP suspension, Maxxis tires, and Twin Air filter, the MC 65 only needs numbers sticking on to take it racing. It really is that good.

WAS £4,999.00

NOW £4,149.00

SAVING £850.00


As you can see, the MC 65 certainly looks the business with it's all new bodywork! All red to really stand out from the crowd, it's not only vibrant, but with larger contact areas for riders to grip the bike with their legs, the new model let's riders do their thing with greater control. There's a flatter seat too which makes movement on the bike so much easier, especially for shorter riders.


Light, strong, durable. What else can we say about the new subframe? Oh yeah, it's now made using a combination of polyamide glass fiber and steel to create a hybrid construction that's built to last. It's also height adjustable which means that riders can have their bike set-up based on their height or preference.


For 2024, our engineers focused on maximizing the performance from the MC 65 motor without sacrificing any reliability. And they've nailed it! Built with the latest in 2-stroke technology, it's the Pressure Controlled Exhaust Valve that really helps this little bike sing! Well, that, and the close ratio 6-speed transmission, machined crankcases, hydraulic clutch, new ignition, BRISK spark plug, and revised jetting settings, which combine to make the MC 65 absolutely rip.


Make no mistake, the MC 65 is fast! So, it goes without saying that it's fitted with high performance brakes. Floating calipers from Formula, together with a 198mm waved disk up front and a 180mm waved disk at the rear, allow riders to stay on the gas longer, brake later, and never miss their line through the turns.


One really cool thing about the MC 65 is that it can be adjusted in size to suit so many riders. The bodywork and subframe can be fitted in either a high or low position, as can the WP shock, while the handlebars can be installed in no fewer than four different ways! 


New handlebars help kids ride with confidence and develop a perfect technique. They're a little taller, feature a much more modern bend, and are complete with slimmer profile ODI grips. This new set-up will benefit all young riders as it reduces vibration, which lessens fatigue and makes the MC 65 so much more stable at speed.


The new frame on the MC 65 is so new the only thing that really remains the same is the material used to make it - chromium molybdenum steel! For the new model, GASGAS engineers worked on refining the frame to unlock improved handling characteristics. They achieved this by fine-tuning both the flex and geometry and from what the kids who helped develop this bike have said, the new MC 65 turns sharper with no loss of straight-line stability.


Giving youngsters the performance they need, especially as they begin to pick up their speed, the WP XACT forks fitted to the MC 65 offer exceptional damping. With no less than 215mm of travel, the 35mm forks are more than capable of soaking up the biggest bumps to ensure the smoothest rides. And thanks to the air spring, it couldn't be easier to set the pressure for the perfect set-up.


Our MC 65 may well be a little 2-stroke racer, but it's definitely big on featuring quality components such as the WP shock! Redesigned for 2024 to work with the new frame, the new WP XACT shock is mounted in a very different way, which required an updated spring to be fitted to balance things out again. Now much more planted and stable, the MC 65 is an absolute dream to ride for any young racer. The WP shock is fully adjustable, too. We're talking preload, rebound, and high and low speed compression. And it's easy to refine the settings as time goes on, too.


The MC 65 boasts big-bike tech with its die-cast aluminum swingarm. An improved casting process sheds some weight for 2024 and to match the new frame's flex characteristics, there's a 14mm rear wheel axle. And when the going gets tough, the new chain guide and slider have a rounder profile to help the bike glide through the deepest of ruts.

Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame
Type Motocross
Design 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Displacement 64.9 cm³
Bore 45 mm
Stroke 40.8 mm
Starter Kickstarter
Transmission 6-speed
Clutch Wet, multi-disc clutch, Formula hydraulics
Primary Drive 420 CHAIN
Frame Design
Front Suspension XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 35 mm
Rear Suspension XACT WP mono shock
Front Brake 215 mm Disc brake
Rear Brake 253.5 mm Disc brake
Ground Clearance 259 mm
Seat Height 730 mm
Strapline Content
GET ON THE GAS. Clutch in, select the gear, revs up, slowly release the clutch… those magical moment when a young motocrosser takes control of a full-on race machine for the first time. Our MC 65 is the perfect bike for any youngster to dive deeper into the world of dirt bikes and fun. With a hydraulic clutch, 6-speed transmission, highly competitive 65cc 2-stroke engine and WP forks it’s a true performance offroad bike.