GasGas MC50 2024 Introducing the GasGas MC50 2024 GET ON THE GAS.

GASGAS MC50 2024


Fun times start right here! Our awesome little MC 50 is a mini motocrosser designed to encourage the next generation of berm bashers to take on full size circuits in style, and with complete confidence. A long list of quality components together with adjustable ergonomics let kids experience motocross like never before with post-ride ear-to-ear grins guaranteed. Updated for 2024 with a new motor, exhaust, clutch, frame, and smoother bodywork, the kid (or kids) in your life will have an absolute blast riding the MC 50!

WAS £3,999.00

NOW £3,349.00

SAVING £650.00


As you can see, the MC 50 certainly looks the business with its all new bodywork! All red to really stand out from the crowd, it's not only vibrant, but with larger contact areas to grip the bike with their legs, the new model let's riders do their thing with greater control. There's a flatter seat too that makes movement on the bike so much easier, especially for shorter riders.


Light, strong, durable. What else can we say about the new subframe? Oh yeah, it's now made using a combination of polyamide glass fiber and steel to create a hybrid construction that's built to last. It's also height adjustable which means that riders can have their bike set-up based on their height or preference.


A new bike isn't anything without a new motor, right? For 2024, the performance of the MC 50 is boosted considerably by a repositioned crankshaft that in turn, improves the intake angle for a much more direct flow of air, not to mention the centralization of mass for refined handling. There's also a new cylinder and ignition for an even broader spread of power. With all these significant changes, kids of all abilities will absolutely love riding the MC 50.


Make no mistake, the MC 50 is fast! So fast in fact that we've put wavy disks on it front and rear to dissipate heat quickly, and hydraulic brakes to guarantee consistent braking at all times. The rear brake pedal now features the same tip as our full-size dirt bikes, which makes using the rear brake easier than ever.


One really cool thing about the MC 50 is that it can be adjusted in size to suit so many different riders. The bodywork and subframe can be fitted in either a high or low position, as can the WP shock, while the handlebars can be installed in no fewer than four different ways!


Giving youngsters the performance they need, especially as they begin to pick up their pace, the WP XACT forks fitted to the MC 50 offer exceptional damping. With no less than 205mm of travel, the 35mm forks are more than capable of soaking up the biggest bumps to ensure the smoothest rides. And, thanks to the air spring, it couldn't be easier to set the pressure for the perfect set-up.


The MC 50 boasts big-bike tech with its die-cast aluminum swingarm. An improved casting process sheds some weight for 2024 and to match the new frame's flex characteristics, there's a 12mm rear wheel axle. And for when the going gets tough, the new chain guide and slider have a rounder profile to help the bike glide through the deepest ruts.


Unlocking more power from the 50cc motor is an all-new exhaust system. Built in the same way as our bigger 2-strokes, the welding seams on the inside are now removed for improved performance. This gives a noticeable boost to power throughout the rev-range and there's also a much better seal between the front pipe and silencer to keep the gases flowing in the right direction.


There's a brand-new automatic clutch inside the MC 50. Upgraded for 2024 to be stronger with a reinforced basket and high-quality plates, everyone will benefit. Riders will enjoy the consistent performance while parents will love just how durable it is. 


Making sure the MC 50 is stable at speed and capable of carving tight lines through the turns are the forged triple clamps. Aligning the WP forks perfectly for unrestricted suspension performance, the triple clamps retain the same flex characteristics as before with the only change for 2024 being the new mounting position for the front number plate.

Type Motocross
Design 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Displacement 49.9 cm³
Bore 39.5 mm
Stroke 40.7 mm
Starter Kickstarter
Transmission Single-speed automatic
Clutch Centrifugal clutch (adjustable)
Primary Drive 415, Non-sealed
Frame Design Chrome-molybdenum steel central-tube frame
EMS Seletra 2p D36
Front Suspension XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 35 mm
Rear Suspension XACT WP mono shock
Front Brake 160 mm Disc brake
Rear Brake 160 mm Disc brake
Ground Clearance 222 mm
Seat Height 653 mm
Strapline Content
GET ON THE GAS. The GASGAS MC 50 is where the fun starts for the next generation of berm bashers and MX thrill seekers. Allowing youngsters to confidently take their first rides in the dirt, it delivers aggressive design, quality parts and above all else mirrors the style and enjoyment of the entire GASGAS MX range. With its dependable steel chassis, WP forks and revvy little 50cc motor, it's the perfect springboard into the awesome world of moto!