GasGas MC-E5 2024 Introducing the GasGas MC-E5 2024 GET ON THE GAS.


ELECTRIC EXHILARATION! Introducing our MC-E 5, a thrilling junior motocross bike that combines quiet operation with unbeatable excitement. Designed for young riders to embark on their motocross journey, this bike is equipped with a fast-charging electric power pack and offers six different ride modes, allowing parents to maintain complete control. Don't be fooled, though – the MC-E 5 is far from a mere toy. It's a full-fledged competition bike tailored for beginners and aspiring young riders who crave exhilarating berm-bashing adventures. With its convenient portability, zero emissions, and minimal sound output, this bike delivers an eco-friendly experience. Its sturdy frame, top-notch WP suspension, lightweight construction, adjustable seat height, and premium components guarantee countless hours of enjoyment on the track. Get ready for endless fun with the MC-E 5!

WAS £5,699.00

NOW £4,999.00

SAVING £700.00


The MC-E 5 showcases sleek lines and ergonomic design, providing young riders and racers with a sense of confidence, comfort, and complete control. Not only does it have an impressive appearance, but it also enables kids to unleash their best performance.


Embracing the powerful 5kW motor, the MC-E 5 features a robust chromoly steel frame that guarantees durability and stability for young riders. Carefully engineered by our experts, the frame strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity, ensuring easy handling and precise cornering.


Powering the MC-E 5 and bringing endless joy to young riders, our lithium-ion battery is like a perpetual Christmas gift. With 84 modern lithium-ion cells securely housed in a sturdy die-cast battery case mounted above the motor, it packs a total of 907Wh of energy. For beginners, this translates to two hours of riding bliss, while more experienced riders can enjoy an exhilarating 25 minutes of non-stop fun. The integrated battery management system (BMS) ensures the battery pack's safety and longevity, offering peace of mind for riders and parents alike.


At GASGAS, we prioritize safety without compromising the fun factor. That's why the MC-E 5 is equipped with a roll-over sensor that instantly cuts off power in the event of a crash or fall. By attaching a lanyard to both the rider's wrist and the bike, the motor is automatically stopped, ensuring the rider's safety. Additionally, adjustable ride modes can be set and saved using a dongle, preventing inexperienced riders from switching to more powerful modes until they are ready.


The MC-E 5 boasts a smooth and powerful 5kW motor that perfectly complements our compact chassis. This motor is air-cooled and designed to be resistant to dust and water, ensuring reliable performance even in challenging conditions. It is also virtually maintenance-free, saving riders time and effort. With an integrated control unit (ECU), the motor delivers direct and controllable power, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Type Motocross
Rated Output 2 kW / 3,200 rpm
Torque 13.8 Nm
Max. Power 5 kW / 3,900 rpm
Rated Voltage 48 V
Battery Lithium-Ion KTM PowerPack
Charging Time 100% - 70 min. | 80% - 45 min.
Charging Power 900 W
Primary Drive 1/2 x 3/16" Chain
Frame Design Central-tube frame with double-cradle
Electric Motor 48 V - BLDC motor with outer rotor | 6000 rpm
Front Suspension XACT 35 WP Upside-Down fork, Ø 35 mm
Rear Suspension XACT WP mono shock
Front Brake 160 mm Disc brake
Rear Brake 160 mm Disc brake
Ground Clearance 252 mm
Seat Height 665 mm
Strapline Content
GET ON THE GAS. We do electric too! Our MC-E 5 is a no-nonsense junior motocross bike that’s super quiet and super fun. Ideal for youngsters to learn on, it’s fitted with a quick charging electric power pack and offers 6 different ride modes for complete parental control. But make no mistake about it, the MC-E 5 is no toy – it’s a fully-fledged competition bike aimed at both beginners and junior berm bashers. Easy to transport and benefiting from zero emissions and almost zero sound, with its super durable frame, premium WP suspension, overall lightweight construction, adjustable seat height and high-quality parts it’s a bike that’ll ensure hours and hours of fun.