GasGas EC300 2023 Introducing the GasGas EC300 2023 Starting From £9,120.00

GASGAS EC300 2023

Experience the ultimate off-road adventure with the GASGAS EC 300! This exceptional dirt bike is designed to tackle any terrain, making it a true modern-day workhorse. No matter how challenging the off-road conditions may be, the EC 300 effortlessly conquers them all.
Built to provide endless enjoyment, this bike combines the latest 2-stroke technology with proven reliability. Its state-of-the-art engine delivers smooth and clean power, allowing for easy handling and maneuverability. Say goodbye to the hassle of premixing fuel, as the EC 300 eliminates the need for it. Additionally, its low maintenance requirements and reduced fuel consumption ensure cost-effective ownership without compromising on performance.
Get ready to take on the gnarliest off-road trails with confidence. The GASGAS EC 300 is your ticket to thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences. Unleash your inner Taddy and let this exceptional dirt bike propel you to new heights of off-road mastery.

FROM £9,120.00


At GASGAS, we prioritize both aesthetics and performance in our Enduro bikes. That's why our bodywork is meticulously designed to create a seamless connection between rider and machine, offering optimal ergonomics and contact points for maximum freedom of movement. The sleek modern design, coupled with vibrant red plastics, reflects our energetic Spanish personality. Our straightforward graphics proudly showcase the GASGAS brand. Moreover, the ergonomically designed flat seat profile, combined with a high-grip seat cover, ensures superior comfort and precise control in all riding conditions.


The foundation of every GASGAS Enduro bike is a meticulously crafted frame. We utilise lightweight, laser-cut chromium molybdenum steel, precisely robot-welded for unbeatable accuracy and strength. By incorporating specifically engineered flex into both our 2-stroke and 4-stroke frames, we guarantee riders' unwavering confidence, no matter how challenging the terrain may be. Our frames, complemented by proven geometry, provide a playful and agile handling experience while maintaining exceptional stability. To enhance durability and add a touch of style, we finish our frames with a resilient red powder coating.


Prepare for unrivaled power and lightweight performance with the EC 300 motor. This high-performance 2-stroke engine boasts a 6-speed transmission, fuel injection system, twin-valve controlled power valve, and a balancer shaft to reduce vibrations. It sets the benchmark for exceptional power-to-weight ratio, making it an ideal choice for demanding off-road adventures. Say goodbye to the hassle of time-consuming jetting changes, as our innovative fuel injection system ensures seamless performance, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.


Experience superior stopping power and unwavering control with the Braktec braking systems installed on all our enduro bikes. The front brake features an 11mm piston within the master cylinder and 2x25mm pistons in the caliper, coupled with a waved 260mm front disc, delivering smooth and responsive braking. Equipped with a 12.7mm master cylinder piston, a 1x25mm piston caliper, and a 220mm rear brake disc, the rear brake provides reliable performance. These Braktec brakes are designed to minimize weight without compromising on stopping power, ensuring complete confidence on any terrain.


Imagine having a dedicated team of scientists and data analysts working tirelessly for you. Our modern Engine Management System (EMS) provides exactly that. Continuously measuring, calculating, optimizing, and adjusting, it simplifies your riding and racing experience with the EC 300. Say goodbye to complicated jetting changes, as the EMS system takes care of it all. Equipped with an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) updated with the latest digital mappings, it precisely controls ignition timing and fuel injection based on real-time sensor data, including intake air pressure, throttle position, and coolant temperature. Enjoy enhanced performance, power delivery, and overall riding satisfaction with our advanced EMS technology.

Type Enduro
Design 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Displacement 293.2 cm³
Bore 72 mm
Stroke 72 mm
Starter Electric starter
Transmission 6-speed
Clutch DDS wet multi-disc clutch, Braktec hydraulics
Primary Drive X-Ring 5/8 x 1/4" Chain
Frame Design Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
EMS Continental EMS
Front Suspension WP XPLOR-USD, Ø 48 mm
Rear Suspension WP XACT Monoshock with linkage
Front Brake 260 mm Disc brake
Rear Brake 220 mm Disc brake
Weight (without fuel) 105.8 kg
Seat Height 960 mm
Strapline Content
GET ON THE GAS. Be more Taddy on the GASGAS EC 300! A bike that will take you anywhere offroad, it's a modern-day work horse of a dirt bike with the ability to make light work of the gnarliest offroad terrain. Built to deliver enjoyment by the bucket load, its state of the art 2-stroke technology ensures smooth and clean power that's easy-to-use. Requiring no premix and guaranteeing low maintenance costs, it delivers awesome handling and benefits from reduced fuel consumption.