GasGas EC250 2024 Introducing the GasGas EC250 2024 Starting From £9,049.00

GASGAS EC250 2024


An effortlessly enjoyable ride, a fierce contender in races, and a breeze to maintain. Embodying simplicity, this 2-stroke middleweight bike delivers a powerful punch! With its upgraded motor, frame, and bodywork, the EC 250 now runs on throttle body injection, granting riders a wider range of potent yet manageable power.

Taking on any terrain, this enduro bike comes ready with top-notch components like WP suspension, Braktec brakes, a PANKL transmission, and Maxxis tires. The moment you ignite the engine, get prepared for an exhilarating adventure on the trails. We guarantee you'll fall in love with the EC 250's performance and agility!

FROM £9,049.00


BODYWORK - Redesigned bodywork offers improved ergonomics, featuring larger contact surfaces and an optimized rider triangle for enhanced control. The rad shrouds aid in gripping the bike while accelerating, accompanied by a highly grippy seat cover to maintain positioning.

EXHAUST SYSTEM - Our exhaust systems, delivering specialized enduro power while adhering to competition standards, are meticulously crafted to meet FIM sound regulations. 2-stroke header pipes boast durability, optimal geometry, performance, and ground clearance, minimizing vulnerability. Advanced internal construction in 2-stroke mufflers ensures effective noise reduction and weight savings.

AIRBOX - The airbox simplifies filter maintenance, promoting quick changes through a tool-free system. Precisely positioned inlet ducts direct airflow to the Twin Air filter, maximizing horsepower.

NEKEN HANDLEBAR, GRIPS, THROTTLE ASSEMBLY - Neken handlebars, ODI grips, and an improved throttle assembly enhance riding comfort and control. Redesigned bar mounts reduce resistance to twisting, while lock-on style, medium compound ODI grips cater to diverse riders. A stronger, impact-resistant throttle housing bolsters durability.

FUEL TANK - The new fuel tank with a nine-liter capacity maintains a slim profile. Transparent polythene construction facilitates fuel level monitoring, and a threaded filler cap ensures secure sealing. An integrated fuel pump enables extended rides without refueling concerns.

FOOTPEGS - Amplified footpeg platforms offer superior control, supported by an inward frame placement to prevent catching in challenging terrains.


2024 FRAME - Retaining the agility and stability of its predecessor, the new frame advances handling. Enhanced anti-squat behavior boosts traction, while selective wall thickness adjustments improve rider feedback and energy absorption. The frame sports a robust red powder coating with protective guards that also enhance boot grip.

SUBFRAME - The lightweight, all-aluminum subframe synergizes with the new frame, centralizing mass and elevating handling excellence.

FORGED TRIPLE CLAMPS - Freshly designed forged aluminum triple clamps offer optimal flex via a modified steering stem. These clamps align fork tubes precisely for smoother action, enhancing front wheel feedback and ensuring consistent handling. Adjustable bar mounts with increased contact area minimize bar twisting, and a glass bead blasted finish maintains their appearance.

WP FORKS - Updated WP XPLOR Open Cartridge forks retain the trusted design but feature refined settings for improved performance. Longer fork legs enhance bike balance, and manual adjustment for rebound and compression allows easy tuning.

WP SHOCK - The new WP XACT rear shock is shorter and lighter yet offers 300mm travel. Technical upgrades, including a new piston, enhance initial comfort and maintain shock position during hard acceleration. Hand-adjustable like the forks, quick tuning is at your fingertips.

SWINGARM - Cast from a single aluminum piece, the new swingarm is lighter and slightly stiffer. A sturdier chain slider and rounded guide prevent ground contact in rugged conditions. A 22mm rear wheel axle complements refined chassis flex. Clear chain adjustment markings facilitate swift maintenance.


2024 EC 250 MOTOR - The trusted 250cc 2-stroke gains a new 6-speed motor, combining lightweight design with potent power. Throttle body injection, enduro-specific transmission, and robust clutch deliver exceptional performance and a smooth riding experience, while easy maintenance enhances its adventure-ready nature.

CYLINDER & PISTON - Throttle Body Injection introduces an electronic exhaust control system in the cylinder, enhancing power delivery by opening lateral exhaust ports ahead of the main port, resulting in smoother throttle-to-rear-wheel connection.

COUNTER BALANCER SHAFT - Mounted laterally, the counter balancer shaft minimizes vibration, enhancing comfort, especially during extended technical rides.

CRANKCASE & CRANKSHAFT - High-pressure die-cast crankcases house mass-centralized moving parts, contributing to the bike's lively ride. A balanced crankshaft, paired with the counter balancer shaft, reduces vibration for reduced fatigue and increased comfort.

DDS CLUTCH - Featuring Damped Diaphragm Steel (DDS) technology and a Braktec hydraulic system, the EC 300's clutch offers consistent action and light lever feel. The single diaphragm spring design incorporates damping for improved traction and durability. A robust basket and inner hub ensure oil supply and cooling, requiring minimal maintenance.

TANSMISSION - A new, sturdy 6-speed wide-ratio Pankl Racing Systems transmission adapts to diverse terrains. Enhanced shifting mechanics and a dirt-resistant gear lever simplify gear changes for added confidence in both slow and fast scenarios.


OIL TANK & PUMP - Running at a 60:1 fuel-to-oil ratio, the electronic oil pump controlled by the Engine Management System ensures proper lubrication based on engine workload. A warning light signals low oil levels, simplifying maintenance.

BRAKTEC HYDRAULIC CLUTCH - GASGAS enduro bikes boast BRAKTEC brake calipers and controls for impressive braking with 260mm front and 220mm rear disks, instilling confidence in deceleration.

RADIATORS - Efficient cooling systems eliminate excess hoses, enhancing ergonomics. High-strength aluminum radiators, situated close to the center of gravity, contribute to optimal handling.

WHEELS - Robust silver CNC machined hubs, lightweight spokes, and durable EXCEL rims offer strength and durability, capable of enduring tough impacts and tracks.

TIRES - Continuing from the previous generation, Maxxis MaxxEnduro tires provide versatility and durability across terrains, minimizing tire changes.

ELECTRONICS LED LIGHT - Updated bodywork includes a new LED headlight, three times brighter for enhanced nighttime visibility. The two-piece design allows efficient replacement of damaged components.

ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (EMS) - GASGAS EC 2-stroke models incorporate an advanced EMS with gear-specific maps, managed by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The Rollover Sensor enhances safety. The EMS optimizes ignition timing and fuel injection through sensor data, handling fuel, air, and oil aspects.

MAP SELECT SWITCH - The redesigned Map Select Switch provides two power delivery options, allowing tailored performance for different terrains. Map 1 offers a mellow feel, while Map 2 provides direct response, perfect for challenging conditions.

THROTTLE BODY - Featuring 39mm Keihin Throttle Body Injection, the 2-stroke motors achieve optimal fuel and air mixture, resulting in smooth and potent power delivery.

HAPPY BUTTON - Equipped with an electric starter and lightweight Li-Ion battery, the GASGAS starts easily while maintaining lower overall bike weight, combining convenience and efficiency.


Vitesco Technologies EMS

Type Enduro
Design 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine
Displacement 249 cm³
Bore 66.4 mm
Stroke 72 mm
Starter Electric starter
Transmission 6-speed
Clutch DDS wet multi-disc clutch, Braktec hydraulics
Primary Drive 520 X-Ring Chain
Frame Design Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
EMS Vitesco Technologies EMS
Front Suspension WP XPLOR-USD, Ø 48 mm
Rear Suspension WP XACT Monoshock with linkage
Front Brake 260 mm Disc brake
Rear Brake 220 mm Disc brake
Weight (without fuel) 107.6 kg
Seat Height 956 mm
Strapline Content
GET ON THE GAS. Refined and reassuringly uncomplicated, the EC 250 is our easy to ride, easy to race 2-stroke middleweight that’s packed with state of the art technology. A machine that likes nothing better than to be pushed to its limit while axle deep in mud, it delivers smooth and clean power, low maintenance and is highly reliable while benefiting from well-proven EFI technology. It’s our lean, mean, no premix needed, woods loving machine.